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  • Danny Kruger: ‘The UK is still the best country for social investment’

    The Conservative MP – and former charity boss – is among the cheerleaders in Westminster for social enterprise and social investment. Is the rest of Boris Johnson's government ready to listen? We caught up with Danny Kruger to find out.

  • Less than a third of impact investors actively consult stakeholders when managing impact – BlueMark report

    Just 28% of BlueMark's US$160bn-strong sample commit to “critical” practice, with impact investors that target below-market rates scoring better overall on impact management practices than market-rate peers.

  • Impact Finance Bulletin: Big Society Capital reports record profits; Aqua for All and Oikocredit launch €16.5m clean water partnership

    PLUS: LeapFrog reaches 5% of low-income population; philanthropists back maternal and child healthcare fund in Asia; BlueOrchard launches financial inclusion fund; and more.

  • Opinion: Reform the banking system, not Big Society Capital

    Social investment counts for just 1.4% of all UK business lending. So how can we get mainstream banks to play a much bigger role in the social economy? By changing the incentives – and therefore the culture – of banking, says the Big Issue Invest CEO.

  • UK PM champions social impact bonds – but are claims in Big Society Capital report justified?

    New research on value of UK impact bonds, estimating ten-fold return for government, delights Boris Johnson. But some say it's not clear if financing structure itself is what’s creating the value – nor how many proposed contracts are in the ‘graveyard’.

  • Does accepting money from the 'bad guys' mean selling out?

    If we don’t try to change unfair systems – even if it means working with institutions we fundamentally disagree with – are we ignoring the root cause of the problem? It's complicated, says Migrateful founder Jess Thompson.