The Editors' Post: Dormant assets ‘game changer’; WISE winners revealed

Here's to awards ceremonies without the big egos. The editors' view from this week's Pioneers Post newsletter.

Sometimes awards ceremonies can be a bit dull. This week’s WISE100 celebration, which recognised the UK’s most outstanding women in social enterprise and impact investing, definitely wasn’t. Why was that? Everyone was well-behaved, no-one said anything outrageously provocative and the presenters weren't hilarious standup comedians (no offence to my co-host Julie Pybus). But the honesty of the women who spoke at the event that night – this year’s winners and others – was just enthralling. Because they are passionate about the amazing work they do on the ground, the winners’ pure joy and words of emotion were refreshing and genuinely inspiring. There was something missing for sure – that was big egos.

For me, the most memorable moment wasn’t something someone said, but a gesture: when the two joint winners of the environmental category, Camilla Marcus-Dew and Angelica Santodomingo, hugged each other on stage as they came to receive their prize. It felt so symbolic of the idea of coming together to create real change: to help communities, to look after our planet, and to support each other as women, too.

Waking up dormant assets

Early this week, we learned where the UK government plans to invest £880m worth of extra money from dormant assets which are likely to be made available in the next few years. Social investment, like in the past, is on the list. We don’t know how much exactly will go to the sector, but its impact is already being felt: just a few days after the government’s announcement, social investor Access Foundation, which is already benefiting from funding from dormant assets, declared it would not close in 2026, as initially planned.


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Photo: Header photo: The WISE100 2023 award winners (left to right) Mila Lukic, Camilla Marcus-Dew, Natalie Dinsmore, Carolyn Sims, Angelica Santodomingo and Susan Aktemel. Credits: Film and photography social enterprise Saz Media.

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