The A-Z Podcasts #8: When will you know it's time to go?

"Don’t believe you’re a fundamental part of everything forever – you’ll kill the thing you gave birth to." Liam Black talks exit strategies with entrepreneurs Asi Sharabi and Jen Hyatt.

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About this podcast

In the eighth podcast to accompany his book on social entrepreneurship, Liam Black talks to two entrepreneurs at very different stages in their ventures’ history about knowing when it’s time to exit. 

Jen Hyatt has set up over 30 ventures, the most recent of which is Big White Wall, an extremely successful online service for people to anonymously discuss mental health issues. She says: “Staying beyond your sell by date is dangerous. Staying beyond your use by date is fatal to the business.”

Asi Sharabi is one of the co-founders of start-up tech company Lost My Name. He says that at the moment running the business still feels like an exciting journey in which he is constantly learning – “The moment I stop having that kick that’s probably the time to jump ship.”


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