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Global social innovation round-up #37

To what extent are councils in the UK considering social value? Research from Social Enterprise UK reveals all. Elsewhere, a new survey analyses the social enterprise sector in the Netherlands and The Big Issue in Australia celebrates a big birthday.

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The Social Value Act in 2016: challenges and opportunities

Legislation ensuring public service commissioners consider the social impact of services they buy in seems a no-brainer. We consider the state of the Social Value Act – which has been criticised for lacking 'teeth' – ahead of the Social Value Summit.


The value of Social Return on Investment

Working out Social Return on Investment can seem like a mountain to climb. But there are many compelling reasons to measure your impact, not least to find out how well you are performing your social mission.

Collection: Critical Mass
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Critical Mass presents...

At Critical Mass delegates and speakers dealt with social enterprise dilemmas and showcased global successes in the sector. Access the presentations from the plenary sessions and workshops here.