Dirty Rotten Socials - Design Like You Give a Damn

Designers call for more people to start giving a damn

Last month the Dirty Rotten Social series kicked off with a bang. Bringing together the likes of Nat Hunter, co-director of design at the RSA, and James Auger, a leading academic on design and tutor at the Royal College of Art, we discussed innovative solutions to the problems caused by rapidly expanding cities around the world and the environmental consequences of our mobile phone obsession. 

Ditching the conventional panel discussion format of most events these days, in the House of St Barnabas' chapel, the passionate event-goers were split into five groups and a free-for-all of idea brainstorming ensued. 


Design Like You Give a Damn was the first in a series of Dirty Rotten Socials brought to you by Pioneers Post and the House of St Barnabas. Next up we'll be exploring How to Start a Movement on Tuesday 16 September. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with announcements.