Pursuing "a good life, a better life" in Eastern Europe

Six years ago Ladislav Kossar set up the PROVIDA Foundation with his sister to provide support to abandoned children in Slovakia. He talks to Pioneers Post's founder and editor Tim West at the Opportunity Collaboration gathering in Ixtapa, Mexico.

In the early stages of development the PROVIDA Foundation's main aims were to create a model that utilises the social capital of volunteers to connect them with children in desperate need of individual, quality time with somebody older than themselves – time that they should have been able to spend with their parents.

Ladislav describes the next stage in the scaling-up process which involves implementing formal social impact measurement structures so that the model can eventually become the supplier of a paid-for public service product that does not rely on grants or philanthropic donations. It is the Foundation's aim to create a model that can be replicated to provide support to abandoned children throughout Eastern Europe and eventually around the world.