2015 NatWest SE100 Impact Champion: FRC Group

FRC Group shows why it's the SE100 impact champion

Liverpool based social enterprise the FRC Group ensures that social impact measurement is integrated into every part of its business, which is why it was named the 2015 SE100 Impact Champion. 

Originally founded in 1988 as the Furniture Resource Centre, the FRC Group (as it is known today) is one of the UK’s most recognised and established social enterprises. 

The Group has two critical social missions:

  1. To end furniture poverty 
  2. To help the long term unemployed get back into work or enter employment for the first time

At the 2015 NatWest SE100 Awards, the FRC Group was named Impact Champion. Watch the film above to find out why. 


The RBS SE100 Index is an online listing of social ventures, ranked and scored according to their growth and social impact. The live market intelligence platform is designed to provide a substantial data resource for investors, commissioners and policymakers as they seek to understand the landscape of the social economy and identify top performers across the UK.