How we made it: Resonance's property fund addressing the UK's housing crisis

How we made it: The Resonance funds providing 800 homes for people in need

The NatWest SE100 Awards earlier this year went to seven of the UK’s most innovative pioneers in the social enterprise space. But what is the story behind their successes? In our new 'How we made it' film series, we explore the journey of each winner – and discover just how they have made it to the top of their game.

“If I didn’t have this place I dread to think where I would be. Maybe back on the street, maybe back drinking.” - Paul, resident 

More than 80,000 families in the UK live in temporary accommodation today. 

Seeing this real need, social investment firm Resonance partnered with homelessness charity St Mungo’s to set up three different funds to buy and lease properties to vulnerable people and families in housing need.

Their work together helped them secure the prestigious SE100 Investment Award earlier this year. The judges said the Resonance deal was an innovative financial response to a massive and growing social problem – and a great example of social investment leveraging other funding from a wide range of partners, including charities, foundations and local authorities.

Over the past six years, the funds have raised more than £200m, provided 800+ properties and housed 2,000+ individuals to date. 

WATCH ABOVE to understand how Paul has turned his life around through having a secure and stable home. 

Producer: Sasha Gallick, videographer: David Pardoe.

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