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The counter-revolution starts here

James Perry is revolting against shareholder capitalism. It’s killing us and it’s time to change, he says. A proposal to introduce a new type of company in England – the benefit company – could be the first step towards a world with less inequality, a halt to climate change and fewer people fleeing disaster. 

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Britain and the EU: we can work it out

We may have had a massive falling out, writes James Perry, but that doesn't mean we have to split up. Maybe we can resolve our differences and find a way of getting our relationship back on track.


It's the talent, stupid

For the global consultancy industry, attracting the best talent is essential for business success. James Perry explains why the best of the best are starting to look else where – and what the multinationals need to do about it. 

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EU in or out: It's decision time

There is a "leadership vacuum" in the debate on whether the UK should stay in or leave the European Union. "We must make our decision in that context," writes James Perry.