The Review

Social enterprise goods and services are put under scrutiny by our mystery shoppers. We’ll be trying out and tasting a whole host of products on offer from the diverse social enterprise sector.


Bell_Inn_ Bath

The Review: Ding Dong!

Your favourite local pub is put up for sale. You're fearful that it will be bought and have its character changed or be turned into luxury flats. What to do? Get the community together and buy it, that's what.

Russell Brand_trew era_social enterprise

The Review: Brand New Era

One year on Russell Brand's social enterprise café continues to symbolise the power of community action. But what's it like as a place to go for a drink and a bite to eat – is it any good?


The Review: Supermarket Sweep

A new supermarket in Brighton is trying to do things differently. They stock seasonal produce, source locally and are keen on animal welfare. Will it work? We checked it out.