#14 Social innovator's weekly round-up

App launched to transform the way we look at poverty

A new app has been launched by Fundación Paraguaya to reveal critical data about the particular poverty of individual families. Families self-diagnose their level of poverty by looking at photographs that depict different levels of poverty around the world. The app helps individuals and communities visualise potential solutions to issues such as access to clean water and encourages them to be a part of the solution finding process.

NGOs in Egypt face crackdown

The independence of non-governmental organisations is under threat warns dozens of human rights groups. Through a law passed under ousted president Hosni Mubarak the government will be able to shut down groups, freeze assets, confiscate property and block funding virtually at will. 

Students versus slavery

Students from the University of Falmouth have teamed up with international social enterprise Made by Survivors to support victims of slavery and human rights abuses. They have created a pilot workshop series to equip women around the world with the skills needed to produce appealing, high-end jewellery.

Calls for Prime Minister term to be limited in Cambodia 

A group of non-governmental organisations are calling on Cambodia’s ruling and opposition parties to support limiting the position of Prime Minister to two terms in order to further entrench democracy into the country.

Social innovation sparked by web videos in the US

Crowd funding campaign Madison Noteworthy is sparking social innovation in Madison, Wisconsin through a web video series featuring local entrepreneurs. 

Royal Mail announces new charity partner

The Royal Mail Group has announced that the Stroke Association will be its new charity partner for the next two years.

Corporate brains called upon to boost social enterprise sector in UK

On Purpose have launched their 2015 applications for On Purpose Associates – a year long leadership programme that brings business savvy corporate professionals into the realms of social enterprise in the UK.


Photo credit:  Flickr