Responsible investor rated top crowdfunding opportunity

Alquity, a $100m asset management company that invests in sustainable businesses and donates 25% of its revenue to charities and social ventures, has been rated one of the top UK crowdfunding opportunities.

The rating has been made by Crowdrating, which is a new service that offers investors access to impartial information on sales projections, valuations and exit potential of crowdfunding companies featured on platforms including Crowdcube and Seedrs

Alquity is raising £500,000 via Crowdcube to support continued investment in its sales strategy and marketing activity in order to increase brand awareness and ultimately achieve its growth objective of becoming a $1bn fund by 2019.

Alquity was founded by Paul Robinson, who has built successful businesses within the fund management sector and funded Global Ethics, an ethical goods business that sells products such as bottled water under the One brand. One water products have to date donated in excess of £10m to fund clean drinking water in Africa, which has transformed the lives of over two million people. 

Robinson said: “Our aim is to show that business, and individuals, can be a powerful force for good. It really is time to challenge the traditional asset management ethos of ‘profit at any cost’.

“Alquity’s model is proving popular with investors who want to see their money invested responsibly. We think crowdfunding, which is itself an innovative and alternative source of funding, fits exactly with our mission and values, to challenge and change things for the better.”

Alquity delivers competitive returns through responsible, sustainable investment practice in emerging markets that takes into consideration environmental, social and governance issues. It has also set up a Transforming Lives programme into which it directs 25% of its revenue to support charities including AfriKids and Concern Universal

Alquity’s crowdfunding campaign will run for the next 11 days and is offering equity of 4.48%. Individuals can invest from £10. For more information on the crowdfunding campaign, please click here.


Photo credit: James Cridland