Issue #4: Skoll Foundation boss Sally Osberg

Pioneers Post Quarterly_Sally Osberg

The digital version of the fourth edition of our print magazine Pioneers Post Quarterly can be found below. We’ll be adding individual articles in their usual format over the next couple of weeks. Problems reading the issue? Contact us at

  • Cover feature: In our cover interview with Sally Osberg we discussed social entrepreneurs; how much of a difference are they really making?
  • Global Focus: Exploring social enterprise in Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • The Black Cab Interviews: We tried to keep up with the father of British social investment as he discussed peace, fulfilment and finance.
  • NCVO photo competition: Pictures that will remind you why you got into this sector in the first place.
  • Responsible business: what is one of those anyway? We talked to Business in the Community boss Stephen Howard to find out.
  • PLUS: We find an answer to the housing crisis, review Russell Brand’s social enterprise café and look at where £27m of social investment has gone.

Skoll's greatest hits

Over the last 12 years, the Skoll World Forum has offered an embarrassment of riches when it comes to inspirational, world changing speakers. Included in our selection are a smattering of world leaders, a few Nobel prize winners and a pop star.

Collection: The Review
Russell Brand_trew era_social enterprise

The Review: Brand New Era

One year on Russell Brand's social enterprise café continues to symbolise the power of community action. But what's it like as a place to go for a drink and a bite to eat – is it any good?