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CSR alive but in poor health

Is CSR dead? This was the question debated by leaders in the field of responsible business John Elkington and Mark Kramer last week.

Tokyo, Japan

Global social innovation round-up #05

New York City-based investment giant Blackrock launches new impact investing initiative, flagship UK social bond fund celebrates a successful first anniversary, and major Japanese clothing retailer pledges social responsibility reform.

New York City

Global social innovation round-up #03

RBS breaks social enterprise targets in the UK, a Ugandan-Dutch mobile phone social enterprise receives US$1 boost and one of the US's most prestigious Ivy League business schools opens specialised social enterprise hub.


#20 Social innovator's weekly round-up

New online business portal encourages entrepreneurship in Africa, Big Society Capital turn their focus to social care for older people in the UK and social enterprise is on Thailand's tourism agenda.