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When the ice stops singing

Fisherman turned climate scientist Tero Mustonen set up Snowchange, a co-operative, to help rewild his native Finland. But, as peatlands and lakes slowly recover, a new question emerges: how much should humans continue to intervene with nature?

Flood damage in Manila, Philippines 2012. Photo: AusAID

SKOLL 2021: 'Climate is a people problem'

Gina McCarthy, Mary Robinson and other leading women in the fight against climate change emphasise at the Skoll World Forum that scientific solutions alone are not enough – people’s needs must be considered too.

Al Gore_header_USA_climate action

Al Gore backs B-Corps for purpose-led capitalism

Speaking at a panel talk at the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation conference, the former US vice president said the move towards sustainability was real and public and private sectors should work together to move forward.