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Getting investors and investees together

Social investors and organisations seeking social investment often struggle to find each other. An award-winning match-making service has seen 200 successful deals across the Asia-Pacific so far this year.

Martin Leuw

Day in the Life: Martin Leuw

The entrepreneur behind business accelerator Growth4Good made his fortune in software services. He now puts both his energy and money into growing social enterprises.

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Bankers in social investment: disease or cure?

"No sector has a monopoly on saints or scallywags." Rodney Schwartz, CEO of leading social investment organisation ClearlySo, contemplates both the harm done and progress made by ex-bankers in the social investment sphere.


What is the secret of the social investment illuminati?

Wading through the jargon and ever lengthening acronyms of the social investment world can be an unpleasant experience to say the least. Matt Black assures that social investors are indeed human and offers valuable advice on dealing with them.