Issue #12: The impact revolution: what will your role be?

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  • Cover feature: The impact revolution is coming. We hear from some of those on the frontlines.
  • Global focus: What's the social enterprise scene like in the world's fifth most populous nation? Join us on a journey to Pakistan to find out.
  • NEW: The Equalizer: David Floyd's new column picks apart the "social vs financial" debate in social investment.
  • Investor profile: Bristol & Bath Regional Capital makes the case for place.
  • The Guv'northe third instalment of Bob Thust's column: what does a sofa outside a pub have to do with good governance? 

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Sir Ronald Cohen

The impact revolution: what will your role be?

First he set about revolutionising investment in entrepreneurs. Then he brought us the impact investing task force and social investment bank. Now, Sir Ronald Cohen introduces perhaps his most important campaign yet.

Change Please

We need to talk about markets

Talking about impact is all very well, but social enterprises only achieve that impact when the markets are there. Three ways to stimulate the multi-billion pound opportunity offered by Britain's corporates.