The A-Z Podcasts #5: Always ask the questions you might not like the answer to

Social ventures must address the challenge of accountability and ensure that social impact reporting is taken as seriously as the organisation’s financial reports. Liam Black talks to CEO of Social Value International Jeremy Nicholls and UnLtd’s Katherine Danton about data driven impact measurement.


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About this A-Z podcast

In the fifth podcast to accompany Liam Black's new book The Social Entrepreneur's A to Z, social impact measurement is up for discussion. Joining Liam in the central London recording studio this week is CEO of Social Value International (formerly The SROI Network) Jeremy Nicholls and director of research and policy at UnLtd Katherine Danton. 

Jeremy, the "guru of social return on investment", says that social ventures must address the challenge of accountability. The people who stand to benefit from the social impact of a social sector organisation don’t have the power to hold the CEOs of the organisations to account. The net result of this is not enough pressure on social ventures when it comes to optimising social impact. 

This week's guests also offer their advice to social start-ups: start social impact measurement early and work out methods that fit with the day-to-day running of the business.


The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z with foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus and illustrations by Spike Gerrell is available to order here.