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Dot Project founders Annie and Cat

Start-ups: Learning to be brave and bold

Starting a business based on your own passions can be highly personal – making every criticism feel like a punch in the stomach. The co-founder of Dot Project shares a warts-and-all account of the company's first two 'rollercoaster' years.


Top tips on approaching a theory of change

For many socially driven start-ups the journey from idea to business execution is a long and complicated one. This is why developing a theory of change can help guide you and ensure the end goal is always in sight.

Collection: NatWest SE100
Nicki Kopcke_MaziMas

"Learn how to say no. We do too much..."

"This is not a sprint. I burn out every few months and that hurts our business." Nicki Kopcke, the founder of Masi Maz, offers valuable advice about starting a social business at the first NatWest SE100 Insight event of 2016.