The Asian Impact Leaders

As geopolitical tensions heighten, social divides deepen and the climate crisis grows, our series with AVPN explores how impact leaders across Asia's booming economies can mobilise the region's capital to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Asian Impact Leaders profiles: Abha Thorat-Shah

Philanthropy alone cannot solve pervasive issues like poverty and inequity, believes Abha Thorat-Shah. She is leading the British Asian Trust’s work to deploy social finance mechanisms to boost education, employment and entrepreneurship.

The Asian Impact Leaders profiles: Maya Juwita

Maya Juwita has spent her career empowering women in the workplace in Indonesia. Using her experience and vast network, she’s now supporting businesses to be more inclusive and apply a gender lens to their policies and practices.

The Asian Impact Leaders profiles: Tamara Abed

Tamara Abed has been supporting social entrepreneurs through BRAC, one of the world's largest NGOs, for 20 years. As the future of development finance is changing, she tells us why leaders must start prioritising what really benefits humanity.

The Asian Impact Leaders profiles: Seema Arora

Seema Arora has spent more than three decades “nudging” business leaders towards sustainability. She’s proud of their progress – and it's time for Asian-led solutions to be in the spotlight, she says.