Issue #7: Has politics fallen out of love with social enterprise?

Pioneers Post Quarterly 7

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  • Cover feature: Has politics fallen out of love with social enterprise? History shows a close association between the two but is it still as close?
  • Global Focus: Social enterprise in the Netherlands is anything but flat.
  • The Black Cab Interviews: The boss of Social Enterprise Scotland takes us on a tour of Glasgow and sings us a song.
  • NatWest Social Business Awards: Eight of the most amazing, astounding, inspiring social enterprises and their stories.
  • Investor Profile: Meet the pension fund manager who is making the money do good work.
  • PLUS: A closer look at leadership, how anyone can be a social investor and the man making gigs affordable again by taking on the ticket touts.

Global Focus: The Netherlands

One of the most populous countries in the world has seen an explosion in social enterprises in the last few years. Mark Hillen and Stefan Panhuijsen of Social Enterprise NL explain why.

Challenging Leadership_Terri McBride_On Purpose

Challenging Leadership: redefining success

Is the goal rather than your commitment the problem? In a new series scrutinising key challenges that social enterprise leaders face, Terri McBride shares how she and her colleagues have helped senior staff reflect upon and realign their aims to get results.

Investor Profile: Tim Macready

Impact investing will only truly be impactful when really significant funds are committed to it. Australian pension provider Christian Super aims to convince other investors to follow its lead. 

The counter-revolution starts here

James Perry is revolting against shareholder capitalism. It’s killing us and it’s time to change, he says. A proposal to introduce a new type of company in England – the benefit company – could be the first step towards a world with less inequality, a halt to climate change and fewer people fleeing disaster.