The A-Z Podcasts #6: Meet the mentors

What qualities make a good mentor? Liam Black is back in the recording studio to discuss this very matter with Lucy Adams, managing director of Firehouse and former HR director at the BBC. Also with him is Ronnie Hughes, the co-founder of A Sense of Place and previously Liam’s own mentor.


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About this A-Z podcast

“Good mentors give you enough space to let you experiment, but not enough rope to hang yourself.” Lucy Adams, the managing director of London-based communications agency Firehouse and former HR director at the BBC and Serco reflects on the individuals that have helped guide and influence her career. 

She is joined by co-founder of A Sense of Place and consultant Ronnie Hughes for the sixth podcast to accompany Liam Black’s book The Social Entrepreneur’s A to Z.

Liam describes how Ronnie’s ability to listen and guide without being overly critical supported him in the late 1990’s when he took on his first CEO role…of course their shared love for red wine also helped them plough through company issues. 


The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z with foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus and illustrations by Spike Gerrell is available to order here.