In 2020, we decided to fully focus on digital-only content, so we could provide more daily news and regular features, interviews, opinion and other resources, as well as podcasts and videos.

Back issues of Pioneers Post Quarterly print and digital magazine, which we produced until end of 2019, are still available as digital downloads. Current subscribers can find all editions at the link below.


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Why we moved to digital-only

Pioneers Post is proud to have evolved with the times and to have covered most of the major developments in the emergence of social enterprise and impact investment in the UK and around the world. As a social enterprise ourselves (and like every business), we need to re-examine our business model now and then, and during 2020 have been making are some important and exciting changes.

One of these changes has been to cease producing our quarterly printed magazine. Like a number of our long-standing subscribers, we love print. However, the great majority of our readers are choosing to engage with our digital (online and social) content and do not request the print magazine any more. Producing the printed quarterly required a substantial commitment of our journalism and design time that we believe could be better deployed in improving our digital channels. (Printing and postage has also become more and more expensive, and our environmentally conscious readers remind us that printing stuff isn't very eco-friendly – as a social enterprise ourselves, we agree that it’s a better policy to save the trees!). 

Therefore, after research, an extensive survey and thorough thinking, we have decided we’re no longer going to print a quarterly magazine. Instead, we will provide you with more digital content, consisting of a mix of written articles, videos, podcasts and special guides – including all the knowledge and insight you're used to receiving from us; incl in-depth analysis, practical how-to-guides, case studies, leadership interviews, content series, reports and investigations – as well as other subscriber benefits such as our peer learning and networking events, including SE100WISE100 & Good Leaders.

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