SE100 Resiliance Award 2014: FRC Group

UK social enterprise heavyweight proves it's in for the long haul

Through its four arms of business the FRC Group aims to reduce unemployment by helping long-term unemployed people secure sustainable jobs, provide household goods at affordable prices to those in need and reduce the amount of household waste from surrounding communities.

"When you're trying to change the world as we are, sometimes it is a difficult and dangerous place," says CEO of FRC Group Shaun Doran.

Founded originally as a charity in 1988, the successful social business is not afraid of a challenge and over the past two decades has proved its resilience time and time again in the face of scarily high unemployment levels and an ever-changing economic climate. 

It is for this consistency and relentless determination that FRC Group took home the RBS SE100 Resilience Award in November last year during a ceremony during the UK social investment conference Good Deals.


FRC Group: SE100 Index vital statistics

348/1363 on the Growth Index
38/115 for growth in the North West region
14/118 for growth in the housing sector
10/10 Impact measurement score



The RBS SE100 Index is an online listing of social ventures, ranked and scored according to their growth and social impact. The live market intelligence platform is designed to provide a substantial data resource for investors, commissioners and policymakers as they seek to understand the landscape of the social economy and identify top performers across the UK.

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