Face your fears, and other storytelling tips

How can social entrepreneurs get their story heard? Best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of youth marketing agency Livity Sam Conniff shared his top tips at this year's Good Stories event. Catch up with the highlights here

As social entrepreneurs we should figure out what makes us uncomfortable, and find a way to get comfortable with it. Doing that brings “strength that will take you far.”

So said Sam Conniff, who kicked off last month's Good Stories event, a day of marketing and communications workshops for social enterprises.

The Be More Pirate author also called on listeners to face their fears when it comes to sharing their story. Instead of bringing your message to your usual audience, or the ones you know will be receptive, venture into “the lion's den”, he advised. What's the scariest place you could take it? Who would hate your story? Stepping into that unknown territory can create a much bigger conversation than if you speak only to your friends.

Conniff also highlighted the need to think about “story” and “telling” as two separate things. One is about provoking feelings; one is about being logical and tactical – and they require different skills and mindsets. Getting storytelling right means understanding those two parts separately, and then bringing them together.

Watch the video above for more tips on crafting better stories.

Video produced by Sasha Gallick, shot and edited by Hatty Bell

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