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Vivien Maidaborn_UNICEF_SEWF

For UNICEF CEO, innovation is the key

Innovation funded by UNICEF is changing the way the charity can protect children and raise funds. Ahead of her appearance at the Social Enterprise World Forum, we got excited about innovation with CEO of UNICEF NZ Vivien Maidaborn.

retail charity bonds

How you can become an impact investor

Dolphin Living’s Retail Charity Bond raising £25m in 24 hours got our attention. But how can individuals get in on this impact investing stuff? To get some clarity, we talked to Phil Caroe, director of social finance at Allia.

Impact investing_Dolphin_Toniic

Briefing: impact investing for everyone

Investors big and small took the leap this week to make a difference. Highlights included £25m being raised in 24 hours for affordable housing, financial inclusion being backed by some big guns and the proliferation of advisors.