The A-Z Podcasts #1: Sometimes you've just gotta put doubt on your back and charge!

Done the numbers and realised four years of your life could go down the drain? About to tell a room full of underpaid staff you are cutting their pay? Meet Helen Trevaskis and Maff Potts – the first two interviewees to share their experiences with Liam Black as he explores The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z chapter one: A is for Anxiety.

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About this A-Z Podcast

In the first of a series of podcasts to accompany his new book The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z Liam Black talks to social innovator Maff Potts, a former civil servant who set up 34 buinesses using government investment and ran homelessness services for The Salvation Army, and to Helen Trevaskis, an 'accidental social entrepreneur' who formerly worked wth brands in the airline, fast food and FMCG industries, about the fears that have kept them awake at night and how they've learnt to deal with their anxiety demons.

It is easy to get lost in the notion of the "super brilliant social entrepreneur and their superhero antics", but we are all human and we all fear failure – even if you are trying to change the world. Helen shares the "particularly bad moment" when both failure and success were in her grasp – and her realisation that four years of hard work were in the balance. Maff says one way to face failure is to pretend you are excited – but it's a big ask if you are in a room full of underpaid staff asking them to take a pay cut.

The Social Entrepreneur's A-Z with foreword by Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus and illustrations by Spike Gerrell is available to order here.