Cities of Impact

Our Cities of Impact series, in partnership with Amsterdam Impact, explores how a city can not only nurture social entrepreneurship, but also contribute to a much more ambitious goal: transforming the whole economy.

How to build an impact city: Target transition

Helping firms switch to a purpose-led model, teaching social entrepreneurship to schoolkids and joining an ambitious, 80-strong partnership: how the city government's Amsterdam Impact is teaming up to help the transition to a new economy.

Brad Vanstone - Willicroft Amsterdam Impact

A special kind of CEO: Mother Nature

STREETS OF AMSTERDAM: Plant-based cheese company Willicroft isn’t unusual in wanting to go green. But it is taking a novel approach to ensuring every decision puts the planet first – and its founder hopes other firms will soon follow suit.

How to build an impact city: Unlock markets

How can a city help transform the economy? Amsterdam Impact shares six ways it’s placing the metropolis firmly on the impact map. First up: why markets matter, and some practical steps to connect social businesses with potential buyers.